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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there consultation packages available?

We do not have any fixed packages. Rather, it is up to you to select the category or component which you need most to optimise your preschool. Do note that economies of scale applies. This means that it will be more economical to take up multiple components rather than a single component.

How much does the consultation service cost?

The cost of consultation is dependent on the services that you engage us for. Contact us by filling up the enquiry form below to get a quote for your requirements.

How do we book an appointment if we are from countries outside Singapore?

For our overseas clients, we will liaise via whatsapp and email first to understand their needs. Upon confirmation of services, we will then arrange a trip to your country to carry out the assessment.

Who is this service for?

This service is for investors, entrepreneurs and preschool owners who want to start their own preschool or grow their preschool.

How long will the entire consultation process take?

The duration of the service is dependent on the scope of services and our assessment of the work required to solve the issue. It varies from between 1 week to a month at most.

Refund Policy

The services that we provide are non-refundable. That being said, we have never received any demands for refunds from clients since our advent. We are confident of providing quality services to you to aid you in your preschool endeavour.

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