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Have a specific business need for your preschool? Let us help! As experienced preschool business owners and managers, we understand your unique consulting needsour preschool consultants will guide you every step of the way, from A to Z.

20-Year Preschool

Wish to start a new preschool but unsure how? With 20 years of knowledge and experience in growing thriving preschools, our child care business consultants are equipped to make your business dreams come true.

Established Preschool Standards

Unsure which academic standards or preschool pedagogy your child care centre should use? Our preschool consultants can help you design an ideal preschool curriculum, grounded in Singapore’s early childhood education standards.

How Our 360° Approach Works

Your preschool business will benefit from our holistic 360 degree approach—from crafting a preschool business plan, developing a preschool curriculum, hiring and training teachers; to operations and financial management. 

Improve Preschool Operations

Need to improve the efficiency and profitability of your preschool operations? Tap on our preschool consultants’ years of hands-on management experience to enhance your preschool business operations.

Boost Preschool Curriculum

Strengthen your preschool curriculum, and build the perfect learning environment—our eagle-eye helps you identify ways to improve your educational programme. 

Enhance People Management

The hallmark of a good preschool lies in its human capital. Let us help you groom your teachers and staff into a high performing all-star team.

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About Preschool 360

Lead by Liane Shaws, the Director of a chain of well-loved preschools in Singapore, our team of preschool consultants focus on helping preschool owners and managers in the region to improve business performance. Our proprietary 360 degree approach shortens your learning curve and reduces the teething pains of starting, marketing and growing your preschools. We have:

  • Managed multiple SPARK certified preschools in Singapore.
  • A core team of preschool veterans with 80 years of collective experience in marketing, managing and growing preschools.
  • Taught over 2,000 children, with a deep understanding of pedagogical programs.
  • Developed and Implemented countless interactive and engaging educational materials.
  • Established ourselves as a leading play-based curriculum specialist.

Why Invest In A Preschool Business

Demand for private education in Southeast Asia has grown sharply in recent years. According to Panthenon-EY’s report, the market is worth over US$60 billion in the region, anchored by the following drivers: Shrinking Household Sizes; Rapid Urbanization; Increasing Affluence; Low Capacity and High Demand; Value of English Proficiency; and Desire for International Education.

By investing in a preschool business, you can benefit from the following opportunities in your country:

  1. Untapped Opportunities: With fast growing populations and an increasingly vibrant economy, Southeast Asia is a greenfield for kindergartens, child care centres and preschools.
  2. Need for Quality Preschool Education: As families across the region grow more affluent, demand for better quality preschool education will rise. This provides an exceptional opportunity for education entrepreneurs who understand and appreciate the importance of learning.
  3. Positively Influence Children Development: The onset of the knowledge economy across cities, towns, and even villages in ASEAN makes early education increasingly critical. Quality preschools can make a significant difference in this area.
  4. Profitable Business Prospects: While numerous universities have opened branches across Southeast Asia, the preschool environment is still relatively untapped, providing savvy entrepreneurs with exciting business opportunities to seed, nurture and grow their child care centres and kindergartens.
  5. Meaningful and Purposeful Endeavour: Nothing beats the satisfaction and meaning you can derive from shaping the lives of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers from an early age. Doing so not only helps these individuals to have an early head start—they also help their families to sow the seeds for a better future.

The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Preschool

The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Preschool

Private education is now a trillion–dollar industry. In Southeast Asia alone, spending for private education has reached nearly US$60 billion in 2015. This positive trend in education has impacted every stage of a child’s education, including preschool. For example,...

6 Costly Mistakes New Preschools Make

6 Costly Mistakes New Preschools Make

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